Birthday Celebrations Policy

Brthday Celebrations Policy

August 06, 2019

Birthday Celebrations: Severe Allergies/No Birthday treats

We have a large number of students at Bonnie Brae with Life Threatening Allergies.  Many of them include, but are not limited to foods with egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, sesame seeds, shell fish, etc. We will send home a letter to the students in each class where a known life threatening allergy exists once we have the parent's permission.  We will ask for your help to ensure no sharing of food and or snacks.  

Birthday Treat Policy 2019-2020:  The Robinson Pyramid principals met with our health teams and determined the number of students with life threatening allergies is growing at an alarming rate.  With that information, we want to do all that we can to keep all students safe.  We have shared this information in our newsletters and asked for your input as well as staff.  We have determined that we can no longer allow edible treats for birthday celebrations. 

Some of the suggestions you've given us for alternatives have been great.  For example, purchase a new game for indoor recess, surprise your student and be a guest reader, birthday pencils or new books for the classroom to name a few.  Each classroom teacher may add to this list to make it meaningful for their students and or grade level.