School Innovation & Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

Outcome goals for this academic school year


2022-2023 ESSER lll/SIIP At-a-Glance

  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School

  • Region 4

  • Morgan Birge, Principal

Language Arts- End of Year SMARTR Outcome

By June 2023, all students will make one year's growth and 85% will meet or exceed grade level expectations on PALS-K/iReady/SOL.

  • Strategy 1
    • Provide daily, systematic, explicit instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, and morphology in the core language arts block.
  • Strategy 2
    • Develop oral language skills through explicit language instruction and opportunities for talk in both the reading and writing block.
  • Strategy 3
    • Provide Tier 2 instruction as preventative intervention that  targets the underlying difficulty impacting the student’s progress in literacy.

Mathematics- End of Year SMARTR Outcome

By June 2023, all students in grades K-6 will complete a grade-level appropriate Number Sense Assessment (K-2) or Mathematics SOL (3-6). 85% of grade K-2 students will score 70% or higher on their Number Sense Assessment, and 82% of grade 3-6 students will have a passing score of 400 on their Mathematics SOL.

100% of K-6  students will meet their expected growth on the iReady number sense and operations domain.

  • Strategy 1
    • All students will engage in small group instructional practices during the guided math structure.

  • Strategy 2
    • Students will participate in targeted number sense and operations instruction based on formative data
  • Strategy 3
    • Students will focus on "sharing and comparing" rather than "showing and telling.

Wellness- End of the Year SMARTR Outcome

At least 65% of 3rd-6th graders (as measured by each grade level) will feel a sense of belonging as measured on the spring SEL screener. At least 90% of K-2nd graders (as measured by each grade level) will feel a sense of belonging as measured on the spring wellness survey.

  • Strategy 1
    • Strengthen Tier 1 and 2 wellness supports
  • Strategy 2
    • Increase teachers' knowledge on supporting student wellness

Portrait of a Graduate- End of the Year SMARTR Outcome

100% of students will demonstrate increased understanding of POG and an increase in student engagement as reported on a student survey given at the beginning and end of the year.

  • Strategy 1
    • The school will build an understanding with students, staff, and the community about why POG attributes and skills positively impact students within and beyond school.
  • Strategy 2
    • Collaborative teams will align content knowledge and skills with POG attributes and skills.


Standards of Learning- End of the Year SMARTR Outcome

On the spring 2023 science SOL, 70% of grade 5 students will pass the assessment (400 or above). This is an increase of 16% over the school year 2021-2022.

  • Strategy 1
    • Utilize dedicated monthly science CT meetings to target science planning and instruction.
  • Strategy 2
    • Provide whole team professional development on science planning and instruction

For additional information regarding this School Improvement Plan, please contact the school principal.