Visits to School

Visitors and Security

FCPS regulation (4215.2) requires that parents and visitors sign in at the office and obtain a volunteer or visitor badge to be worn during the time they are present in the building. All staff members are required to stop and direct any adult not wearing a badge to go to the office to sign in and obtain a badge. For this reason, parents should not enter the building through the side door (by the Kiss and Ride parking lot) to walk students to class, pick students up early, deliver forgotten items, etc. Younger siblings, other relatives, friends of students, and students from other schools are not permitted to spend the day “visiting” in classrooms. 

Animals visiting the classroom must be with a parent and approval from the Principal must be given in advance. 

School-age visitors (i.e. family relatives and friends) are not permitted to attend school as classroom guests or to ride the school bus, as the integrity of the instructional programs must be protected.

Types of Visitation

Meeting with Teachers

Please remember when you are coming to volunteer, drop your child off, or pick your child up this is not a time that teachers are able to meet with you. If you have a concern that you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher please connect with the teacher to arrange a time.  Be respectful of the teachers’ time. In the morning and afternoon, teachers need to attend to the students. Planning time is used for arranged meetings, collaboration with colleagues, and instructional planning. Even short impromptu meetings make it difficult for the teachers to meet their contractual obligations.

Classroom Observations

Parents who wish to observe their child in class or have a private therapist observe their child in class should contact the teacher, or the principal or assistant principal to make arrangements for the visit  in advance. When an outside therapist observes, feedback following the visit should be shared with the principal or principal designee. In order to protect the instructional program from interruption observations are limited to 30 minutes. Parents requesting a private therapist to observe their child in school need to complete a Parental Consent for Disclosure of Student Information form available in the front office, prior to the observation.

Birthday Celebrations: Severe Allergies/No Birthday treats

We have a large number of students at Bonnie Brae with Life Threatening Allergies.  Many of them include, but are not limited to foods with egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, sesame seeds, shell fish, etc. We will send home a letter to the students in each class where a known life threatening allergy exists once we have the parent's permission.  We will ask for your help to ensure no sharing of food and or snacks.  Birthday Treat Policy 2019-2020:  The Robinson Pyramid principals met with our health teams and determined the number of students with life threatening allergies is growing at an alarming rate.  With that information, we want to do all that we can to keep all students safe. 

We have shared this information in our newsletters and asked for your input as well as staff.  We have determined that we can no longer allow edible treats for birthday celebrations.  Some of the suggestions you've given us for alternatives have been great.  For example, purchase a new game for indoor recess, surprise your student and be a guest reader, birthday pencils or new books for the classroom to name a few.  Each classroom teacher may add to this list to make it meaningful for their students and or grade level.