After School Programs

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After School Programs On-Campus

Visit our SACC Page to view more information about this program offered on-site at Bonnie Brae ES

After School Programs Off-Campus

Contact List

Mt. Kim: 703-503-0202   Andrew Gause’s Martial Arts: 703-272-7700
Dietrich’s Karate: 703-425-5425 Blackbelt Academy:  703-273-5517
US Tae Kwon Do:  703-250-0100 Salvation Army:  703-385-8700
World Karate: 703-764-0800 Pinn Center: 703-250-9181
Mott Center: 703-278-8605  Oriental Sports Academy:  703-653-4601
Sparkles: 703-502-8100      

Neighborhood Private Day Care Providers

  • Kindercare (Roberts Common):            703-250-8400 (BB-10)
  • Northern Virginia Academy:                   703-239-0875 (K&R)
  • Kindercare (Oak Leather):                       703-250-4344 (BB-5)
  • La Petite Academy:                                   703-503-5705 (K&R)

Fairfax County Park Authority Classes

Fairfax County park Authority sponsors classes at schools across the county.




Additional After School Program Advertisements will be sent home after school begins.

  • Please note that parents/guardians are responsible for picking up their children from these after-school programs or clubs. Transportation is NOT provided from club location to home