Welcome, Principal Birge!

By Penny Gros, Assistant Superintendent, Region 4
December 13, 2021

The Region 4 Office is pleased to announce that Mr. Morgan Birge, assistant principal at Lemon Road Elementary School, has been selected as the new principal of Bonnie Brae Elementary School.

Mr. Birge is a proud product of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), growing up in the Springfield area and graduating from Lake Braddock Secondary School. He spent the first fourteen years of his educational career as a physical education teacher in FCPS. He also served as a resource teacher in the Instructional Services Department, where he helped usher in the county’s standards-based progress reports. Mr. Birge transitioned back to a school-based position when he became the instructional coach at Lemon Road Elementary School. He went on to serve as the assistant principal at Garfield Elementary School and returned to Lemon Road, where he has been serving as the assistant principal for the past five and a half years.

Mr. Birge is a leader who places a high priority on relationships, family, and student success. He has a proven record of building a positive and inclusive culture, with an intentional focus on building trusting relationships.  As the assistant principal at Lemon Road, he worked alongside the principal to prioritize equity-related goals which included a focus on diversifying the staff and strategic work to bring all families into the life of the school. During Mr. Birge’s tenure at Lemon Road, the school achieved some of the highest culture and climate results in the most recent Employee Engagement Survey. He was also instrumental in increasing family engagement through collaboration with the staff and teams at the school and region levels. He firmly believes that family engagement fosters a welcoming and collaborative environment that benefits the entire school community and has a significant impact on the success of students.

Mr. Birge is also a strong instructional leader. He strives to provide targeted and meaningful professional development for teachers and values them as professionals. He works to build and support strong collaborative teams that facilitate regular data dialogues and deliver targeted instruction based on student needs. Mr. Birge has the knowledge and experience to continue to build a strong local level IV program at Bonnie Brae, as Lemon Road ES is a level IV center school. He has worked to strengthen special education services and teams at Lemon Road through collaboration with the school’s special education team and central office support.

Mr. Birge is honored to serve as the principal of Bonnie Brae Elementary School. He is excited to start the new year as a Scottie and eager to build positive relationships with the students, staff and families. During his high school years, he ran track and field at Lake Braddock Secondary School and later returned to serve as the head coach for the Lake Braddock Boys Track & Field team. In addition to being an avid runner, he also enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his wife and children. 

Mr. Birge holds a Master of Education in Education Leadership from George Mason University, a Master of Teaching in PE and Health from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from West Virginia University.

Please join the FCPS Region 4 Office in welcoming Mr. Morgan Birge as the new principal at Bonnie Brae Elementary School!