Parent Toolkit


Parent Toolkit

Following are some yearly action items for all parents to complete. Items with an asterisk (*) are time sensitive and require parent action.

Digital Resource Consent*

Digital Resource Consent

At Bonnie Brae Elementary, our teachers will use a variety of digital resources to support student learning and promote communication and collaboration with students and families. Some of the digital resources your child may use this year will require your consent before they can be used. View Fairfax County Public Schools' list of Elementary Digital Resources that require parental consent.

Included on this same webpage is a link to the Parent Digital Consent Application.  This is where the enrolling parent or guardian will need to indicate whether or not their student is allowed to use the list of digital resources this year.

This page also provides more information about how FCPS carefully reviews digital resources for approval and why we must request your consent before using certain tools. We encourage you to complete the parental consent for digital resources form as soon as possible, as your child will not be able to use the digital resources until we have received your permission. Please reach out to the school if you have questions or concerns about the digital resources we’ve chosen to use this year.

To provide your parental consent for each student in your family, please follow this link and follow the provided directions.

Emergency Care Information*

Emergency Care Information 

Please take a moment to review your child's Emergency Care Form. If any changes need to be made, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into SIS ParentVue
  2. Click on Online Packets (upper right hand corner)
  3. From the drop down menu, select, 2023-2024 Online Verification/Update
  4. Click Begin Packet
  5. Click Continue
  6. Begin the process of updating the students listed on the screen

Parents who do not have a SIS ParentVUE account:

  • continue to have the option to communicate updates to their student’s school via the normal paper process.
  • can print and complete a blank Emergency Care Information Form needed for updates and submit it to their student’s school

Parents who need a pre-populated form with student information printed during the summer can contact their school for support.

Lunch Information*

Lunch: My School Bucks- Managing Your Student's Lunch Account

If your child would like to purchase breakfast or lunch, please review My School Bucks. The service is easy-to-use, private, and secure. Once an account is established, parents can check the fund account anytime from their computer.

Learn more about what lunch looks like at Bonnie Brae ES.



Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications Available*

Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications Available

Families must submit an application and be approved to be eligible for free and reduced-price meals for the 2023-2024 school year. Visit the FCPS Free and Reduced-Price Meals (FRM) webpage to learn more about the free and reduced-price meals and to apply online.

Parent Vue

Parent Vue


ParentVue Login Page

Need a ParentVue Account? Request your activation code.

SIS ParentVUE Account Provides:  access to view your child’s student information, including attendance, report cards, class schedules, grade book (for Middle and High School students), course history, discipline, health, and school information.  You can also update your child’s Emergency Care Information.

Schoology Parent Account Provides: access to view your child’s courses, groups, assignments, and calendar. Parents can also check messages, adjust their notification settings, and access additional groups or courses if they are enrolled as members.

Paperless Opt-Outs Available!

Paperless Opt-Outs Available!

As a part of our ongoing efforts to streamline paper processes, parents can now select a number of opt-out’s electronically via ParentVUE.  Once you have signed into your ParentVUE account, simply select the “Student Info” tab and click on “Edit Information.” You will find opt-out’s listed there.  Parents that do not yet have a ParentVUE account will still be able to use paper forms for notification. If you need to set up your ParentVUE account, you can create one online via the FCPS ParentVUE Registration page.



Students, families, and staff throughout FCPS and in our school community will use Schoology (pronounced /SKOO-luh-jee/) as our learning management system. 

Here is what you need to know now:

Schoology Course- All Parents at BBES

You may have seen your child using Schoology, our Learning Management System. Did you know that we also have a Bonnie Brae ES Parent Schoology Course? There, you can find lots of helpful information and notices that we put out throughout the year. It is also a great place to access the links for our Parent Coffee and PTO Meetings. We hope to use this platform to house many items going forward. 

In order to access Schoology, you must be signed up for a Parent Vue account (mentioned above) and will use those credentials to sign in. Don't have a Parent Vue account? Register today! 

Student Rights & Responsibilities*

Student Rights & Responsibilities 

The 2023-2024 Student Rights and Responsibilities (found on the FCPS SR&R webpage) explains expectations for student behavior and adult responses to enhance school safety and to create a fair, equitable and supportive school environment (translated versions available). We ask that you use this document as a framework for discussing these expectations with your child or teen so that he or she is well prepared for success when the school year begins. You will also find that this publication includes information that you may need throughout the school year, including contact numbers and other resources.

All students in FCPS should review the Student Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Review the Student Rights and Responsibilities and related resources on the FCPS SR&R webpage
  • After reviewing the information, fill out the SR&R Acknowledgment Form
    • The form must be filled out for each child/student in grades K-6 in the household digitally or on paper
    • Parent/Guardians can acknowledge receipt of the SR&R in ParentVue in your child’s SIS account or sign the Parent Signature Sheet (will link once updated from the county) to acknowledge that you have received this document. Please e-sign through ParentVue or return the signed signature sheet to your child's school by September 30, 2023.


Kiss & Ride Sign Up

As we welcome students back to Bonnie Brae ES, we want to ensure the safe arrival and departure of each child. Bonnie Brae ES has an established area called the Kiss & Ride (at our side parking lot), which is designed as a safe place for adults in private vehicles to load and unload children. With the cooperation of all drivers, we will be able to provide an efficient and safe transfer of children.

If you are interested in using Kiss and Ride to drop off or pick up your child, please complete the BBES Kiss and Ride Form. Returning and new Kiss and Riders will receive new tags prior to students returning.

BBES Parent Hanbook